Don’t visit unqualified doctors to set implants!

Don’t visit unqualified doctors to set implants!

Last October doctor Sarosi Akos removed about 18 dental implants.

Monthly this number changes up or down but it happens systematically.

What happens when the implant is removed? The serious trauma of the bone tissue around the implant, that entails extensive bone augmentation and possibly repeated. Thereafter bones regeneration period increases. And only then new implants setting is possible. And this is a new healing period and new payments for treatment. Cost of such treatment is two or three times more than during the first implants setting.

Reasons for implants removal

Unprofessional implants setting implies an insufficient amount of bone tissue where the implant was installed, that indicates

the incompetence of a doctor who couldn’t assess properly the situation.

Implant overload- instead of two implants only one was set that entails an insufficient redistribution of the load on crowns and implants and the opposite effect occurs.

Loading on the bones should positively affect regeneration and work of bones tissues, instead of it the overloading happens and loss of bone mass begins.

The doctor you visit should plan your implantation. Maybe the patient decided to save money on the number of implants and the doctor met his interests. Or maybe the doctor didn’t imagine what the consequences might be in this case. In both cases, a doctor’s competence plays the leading role.

Dubious implant brand. In our clinic, we had a call from our patient who asked about the price of implants. In conversation, it turned out that in her city implants are produced in some laboratory and they are so cheap that other implants systems seemed to be extremely expensive to her.

She couldn’t name that implants system. Another client told us that abutments for implants are produced in his city in a laboratory, the system is also unknown. It’s hard to imagine what can happen if these fakes are set.

Today there are a lot of implant systems on the market. Scientific researches are used in production technology. At the same time developments in production technology improvements are conducted. Implants manufacturer who focuses on production technology won’t presume to produce implant without a certificate of quality and authenticity of the product.

Unfortunately, none of our clients who visited our clinic with already set implants couldn’t show the certificate for set implants.

There were next implant systems removed in our clinic: Alpha Bio, MIS, Simplant etc. We don’t work with these systems. We used to work with MIS system however after a while we became certain that during the implant setting significant destruction of bones tissue happens. It doesn’t happen with the setting of some other implant systems. None of the patients who got this system in our clinic didn’t complain because our doctor assessed correctly bone tissue condition. Currently, we don’t work with this system.

Practice case

We had a patient complaining of upper jaw pain where implants were set. She couldn’t name implants system as she hadn’t got the certificate.

X-ray showed inflammation in implants area. There were few teeth on the lower jaw, but unfortunately, their condition did not allow them to be preserved. Bones condition on the lower jaw required augmentation of the bone tissue, that was provided with implants setting.

After their removal, two months passed before the augmentation of the bone tissue. Implantation on the lower jaw was performed during the healing period. After that extensive bone tissue augmentation was performed on the upper jaw.

New crowns made of zirconium dioxide were set on both jaws in 4 months.

X-rays before and after implantation

Снимки до начала имплантации Снимки после имплантации

Dear patients, don’t cut down on your health. Hardly ever the cheap happens good. It is better to visit a high-class specialist who works with high-quality materials and has a lot of experience than to find cheap treatment and then suffer and pay twice or even triple for corrections.

What the certificates for implants look like and what should be indicated in them will be described in the near future in the next publication.

Private Clinic Europe Dental Sarosi Akosh. Hungary. Mosonmagyarovar.