It is very important that you contact your dentist to understand the doctor’s recommendations and the entire treatment process in your own language. Our site is designed for Russian visitors.

Welcome to Europe Dental

In our clinic you can:

  • Painlessly set implants with any bone mass,
  • For implantation, it’s enough to arrive for 1 day and install 16 units of implants within 4 hours,
  • Save a third of the budget from the cost of the same treatment in Russia and Germany, half the budget from the cost of treatment in France and the UK,
  • Have a huge package of free services,


Акция в клинике

The EUROPE DENTAL clinic has been open since 2003.

People come to us from:

  • Germany Germany
  • UK England
  • Fr France
  • Fr Austria
  • Fr Ireland
  • Fr Belgium
  • Fr Norway
  • Fr Kazakhstan
  • Fr Switzerland
  • Fr Russia

We speak Russian

Др. Фаур Светлана

Др. Фаур Светлана

Russian language support for free

From the moment of the first visit to the clinic and until the end of treatment, for the entire duration of the treatment, you are provided with Russian-speaking support services.

We will be pleased to give you detailed information about the doctor’s recommendations, also we will arrange your trip.

The calm, friendly atmosphere in our clinic will let you get your treatment in a good mood.

Mosonmagyarovar city makes a pleasant impression on all visitors, which allows you to relax and unwind from vital concerns.

  • +36 30 431 3000 по-русски Call now!
Description of the treatment process in the clinic

We use the latest technology

Our advantages

Our advantages:

  • All procedures are carried by the same doctor
  • setting of 16 implants during 3-4 hours
  • painless implant setting with any bone mass
  • No edema after implants setting.
  • Treatment period - first arrival (implantation) - 3 days, second arrival in 4 months (permanent crown setting) - 2 weeks.
  • Turn-key price, without additional cost
  • Using materials of the last generation from the best manufacturers
  • Absolute sterility
  • Providing implants certificate
  • Clinic guarantee
  • Pleasant, calm and friendly atmosphere in the clinic
  • Beverages, disposable hygienic supplies
  • Russian language support during all treatment period, trip arrangement and accommodation support
  • Transfer service from Vienna and Bratislava airports and back

Technical works on prosthetics in the high-class laboratories We offer you to get back your smile and self-confidence in a short time and with a maximum of economy.


The first visit is 3 days, the second is 10 working days and you smile again and are ready for new victories.
There is no need to retire. We work on weekends.

Painless implantation, a quiet postoperative period and your teeth are restored.

Come to us and you will see people who after many years learn to smile. After completing the treatment, we enjoy looking at the smiles of our patients. Women bloom again, and men are ready to move mountains.

We will be happy to help everyone return to a prosperous quality of life.

Without bone graft, with any quantity and quality of bone tissue, in a short time using innovative technologies economically and efficiently - can you refuse such treatment?

Materials of the best world manufacturers are also at your disposal.

90% of people would like to find out all the questions they are interested in from one doctor, and not to go to different specialists' offices in order to undergo the full range of dental services. In our clinic, Dr. Sharoshi Akosh deals with you from the moment of the first visit to the end of treatment.

The professionalism of the doctor allows you to install 16 units of implants in 3-4 hours. During the operation, patients do not have time to feel tired and after the operation, they often ask the doctor: “Doctor, is that all?”.

On our Facebook page, one visitor calculated that the installation of a single implant takes about 20 minutes on average. And this is exactly the case.

EU countries have an agreement to reimburse dental services that are not held at the place of residence according to the legal framework of each individual country. Russia also reimburses the cost of some services.

We provide all the necessary documents in English, German, Russian, French so that you can recover your costs for the treatment.


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